celebrating G!

Well, Grayson's birthday came and went & we officially have a very proud 4 year old! This is the first time Grayson has really cared about his birthday. He proudly tells everyone that he is big now because he is 4!

Grayson's birthday week didn't quite go as planned. He played in his baseball game on Monday night & then several hours later both boys woke up with fevers and a stomach bug. It hit Grayson hard & he was sick until the early morning of his birthday. That totally messed up our plans to go to the zoo but we did have a fun, low-key day at home!

Grayson woke up feeling better so we celebrated with Ben that morning by eating donuts & opening a couple of presents. After a rough week of preschool germs, I was so happy to see G smiling on his birthday!

Later that night we celebrated with just our family. We had a pizza picnic on the floor, watched a movie, opened presents, & let Grayson blow the candles out on his chocolate brownies!
 The one thing Grayson told me he wanted this year was a superhero party. So superheroes it was! I love his birthday shirt!

This was Grayson's big present. He has been wanting his own golf clubs so he can play with his daddy. He was so excited & is already a natural. Surprise, surprise!

It was a fun day celebrating our big boy. I still can't believe he is 4!


Grayson's birthday party was this past Friday at Monkey Joe's.  We had his party there last year & he is obsessed! We tried to get him to pick a different place but he was set on Monkey Joe's. This boy loves to bounce!

These kids had so much fun bouncing the night away! I am so thankful that our boys have such sweet friends. We love this group of kids!


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