Grayson is FOUR!

Grayson, my firstborn baby, today you are 4 years old. When you were that squishy 9lb newborn it was hard to imagine that you would ever be a big 4 year old. Now, four years have gone by in the blink of an eye. You are growing up SO fast!
At 4 you love:
-your little brother (most of the time) & your new baby sister. You are such a great big brother & always help out when you can. I know you will always be protective of Griffin & Cheney and I love that about you!
-baseball. You really love all sports, but you really love baseball. You are such a natural born athlete. It's still amazing to me that you can hit a ball without even using a tee. Not only can you hit it, but you can hit it really hard! Right now you are the youngest in the tee ball/coach pitch league & you haven't had to use the tee yet. We are so proud of you! It's been so much fun watching you do something you enjoy.
-being outside! You are always wanting to play outside. You mow, do all sorts of fancy tricks on the trampoline, play in the sandbox, drive your Gator around like a crazy man, & race down our hill on your plasma car.
-going to preschool! You are so proud to be in the "big kid" preschool class this year. You think it is pretty awesome that they don't make you nap. Your favorite thing is going to Preschool Praise with all the kids at school!
-all things superheroes! You love them all & change your mind about which is your favorite every week. However, you did ask for a superhero party this year!
You have grown up so much over the past year. I can't wait to take you to your 4 year appointment to see exactly how tall you are now! You have become so independent this year...you definitely don't need your mama like you used to! You love trying to do all things by yourself & you love telling Griffin that you can do things because you are bigger:) You have come out of your shell a lot & aren't  nearly as timid in new situations. You've even starting standing up for yourself (and your brother!) when we are at places with bigger kids who aren't acting very nice. This makes me SO proud because that was something I struggled with so much as a kid. I love watching you get more & more confident in who you are as you get older! Grayson, you have the best heart of any kid I know & we love you so much. Thank you for making me a mama 4 years ago!

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