one big catch up

Like I said last week, we are BUSY. It's a fun busy though! Let's catch up, shall we?
Grayson had an awesome fall baseball season! I will admit that I was not too thrilled about Ben signing him up when we would have a brand new baby, but I ended up loving it! The group of kids was so nice & G had so much fun. That's what it is all about! It really is fun watching him do something that he loves & is good at. I'm so thankful he enjoys it because it has really helped him with confidence & coming out of his shell a little bit! We are already looking forward to the spring season!
When we built our house, we only had 2 dogs & zero kids. For some reason we thought we wouldn't want hardwoods throughout the downstairs. Well, after adding a dog AND 3 small humans, I am convinced that was a horrible idea. Two weeks ago we had all the carpet ripped up (which was so nasty and after seeing all the dirt that gets trapped underneath, I will never have carpet in the main living areas ever again) and extended our hardwoods to the front computer room & main living area. It looks SO much better and has kind of made me fall back in love with our house. It is so much easier to clean & the boys are having a blast sliding all over the place in their socks. Win win for all!
This sweet thing is growing up so fast. Cheney is such a smiley and easy going baby. I feel like she has been with us all along...she fits in just perfectly! I loved watching the boys bond after Griffin was born and it has been just as much fun watching them with their baby sister. They both adore her and love on her constantly. My favorite thing that Grayson always says when he talks to her is, "I know you love me! You're my best friend!" It makes me laugh. He's such a great big brother!

We've been enjoying lots of fall activities over the last 2 weeks! We've picked out pumpkins, painted pumpkins, & visited one of the local farms with our MOPS group.  This was Griffin's first time to Gentry's Farm because he was sick last year. We had such a great time! I love our MOPS group so much our kids have made so many good friends. We always have fun outings! We did the hayride, played in the corn, went through the barn maze, got lost in the barn maze-ha!, & saw lots of animals. This is definitely our favorite time of the year!
We have been getting lots of use out of our zoo membership lately! We have been twice over the last week and a half. The boys love the zoo & were excited yesterday to take my mom (their Nana) to our zoo for the first time. We spent all morning and early afternoon checking out all the animals and Cheney just snoozed away in my K'tan. We had so much fun!
Whew, well that's life as of lately. Maybe one day I will get the hang of this whole balancing 3 kids & sometimes blogging thing:)

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