Summertime Fun

I'm sure by now most of you have read this post that has been floating around the world of social media. Basically, it tells moms to put on their bathing suits and get out there and enjoy their kids at the pool & beach this summer.
I loved this post and it really hit home for me. This is my 3rd summer pregnancy & I can't tell you how unhappy I was about having to wear that dreaded maternity bathing suit and be 8-9 months pregnant at the pool this year. To top it off, the varicose veins appeared around 21 weeks and make the back of my right leg look absolutely frightening. I actually remember telling Ben at that point that he would be taking the boys to the pool alone this summer because my goal was to never wear a bathing suit. Ever.
How silly is that?!
It's silly for many reasons. One being that one of our main summer goals for Grayson was that he learn how to swim. That would be difficult if I was never taking him to the pool during the day after his lessons. Also, who wants to sit in the sweltering Tennessee heat at the pool wearing clothes while the rest of your family splashes around in the cool pool?? Not this pregnant girl. I don't do heat well; especially at 33 weeks pregnant. No way.
I've swallowed my pride and embraced the ol' maternity tankini. The funny thing is that we have been to the pool more in the past 3 weeks than probably all of last summer combined.  This has been such a fun summer so far. Grayson and Griffin are at great ages and we've spent most of our days at our neighborhood pool together. G has been in swim lessons and is doing so great swimming alone with his floaties--something I didn't think would happen this summer! Griff loves to jump in & even mastered going under water over the weekend.
We spent over 2 hours at the pool as a family on Saturday and had such a good time. I was thinking about how I had made the vow earlier this spring to never wear a bathing suit this summer because I was too concerned about people staring at my leg & just feeling yuck with my big pregnant belly. I would have missed out on so many fun memories with my family if I had really done that. I would have missed so many looks of pride from Grayson as he learned new "tricks" in the water. I would have missed hearing Griffin count to 4 before he jumps in. I would have missed so many things just to avoid how I look in a bathing suit. That is so ridiculous!
I'm glad I came to my senses. This has been my favorite summer so far I think! These boys are so much fun!