Griffin is 22 months old!

Griffin, you are now 22 months old! This is a strange milestone for me. I keep reflecting back on how your big brother, Grayson, was 22 months old when we met you for the first time! I remember thinking he seemed so big & now that you are that same age, you still seem so little to me.
The stats:
Weight: about 22lbs
Height: 32-33 inches
Clothes: not counting shorts (he's got a teeny waist!), he is wearing mostly all 18 month clothes now!
Diaper: size 5
Shoe: size 5-6 depending on the shoe
Here's what's been going on this month:
-You are 100% sharing a room with your brother now! Pops made you a twin bed & we kicked you out of Cheney's room shortly after our Disney trip. It has taken some time for you to adjust, but you are slowly getting the hang of sleeping all night in your big boy bed. You make one of us lay with you until you fall asleep & usually wake up at least once right now. I know you'll get the hang of it...I just hope that happens soon! My favorite part of the sharing room thing is hearing y'all wake up & immediately start laughing. You & Grayson crack each other up! Those are the sweetest sounds over the video monitor. You usually wake him up in the morning by shouting, "Hewwo Bubba! Hewwo!"
-You are very peculiar about being dirty. You love to play in the mulch, but getting mulch in your shoes drives you insane. You also hate getting your hands dirty. You love using napkins at every meal & I swear you go through about 12 a day!
-Since you sleep in your big boy bed now, you want to sleep with ALL your animal friends. You must have: Big Mickey, little Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, Blu from Rio, & a whole other line up of the rest of your stuffed friends.
-You went to the pool for the first time this year! You think it is fun; you just aren't a fan of cold water. You seem to enjoy the water more than G did at this age which makes me happy. You love jumping off the side to one of us!
-The trampoline is one of your favorite outside toys. You LOVE jumping & doing "flips" like Grayson.
-You went to Disney World for the first time and had a blast!
New words:
-frog (we had an outside "pet" frog that lasted a week until Ellie ate it. Griff was pretty sad about that!)
-Bobby (funny story...we don't know why, but Griff calls EVERY guy "Bobby." Seriously. Every guy.)
-fall (you do that a lot..haha)
-LOTS of simple sentences...you talk all day long.
Oh, Griff. You have no idea how much joy you bring to our family. You are such a goofy little boy & keep us laughing all day long! I like to joke that you are much like a Sour Patch Kid. One minute you are being a rough and tumble kid who is knocking down his older brother. The next second you are walking up to Grayson, giving him a hug, saying "Love you, Bubba." You are a little like a tiny tornado...to be so little, you sure are a wild man! You have the sweetest personality and love your brother & dogs the most. You give out hugs all day long & even like to check on "sissy" during the day. I have no doubt that you will be a great big brother & I can't believe you are getting a baby sister in just 2 months! Happy 22 months, little Griff!

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