Batter up!

We are now officially parents of a child who is old enough to be playing tee ball! Grayson started practicing with his team about 2 weeks ago & they had their first game on Saturday. He had the best time!
 He is playing for the purple Bats & takes his role pretty seriously, can you tell?! This boy is so proud of his uniform!
Right before his first game!
Not trying to be total mom bragger, but Grayson has been naturally athletic his entire life. We were impressed by his ability to throw a ball at 12 months--he has a cannon for an arm! He has been itching to play baseball for well over a year & we were so excited we finally found a league that would let a 3 year old play!
Their first game was a success & Grayson had so much fun. I loved watching these little kids play an organized sport; it was pretty comical! He had several great hits, ran the bases, & was even able to stop a few ground balls. I was one proud mama!
At his first practice, there were some tears shed about not wanting to participate. G can be so timid & shy. It broke my heart a little because I know that he is a great little ball player & I really wanted this to help give him a confidence boost. After lots of pep talks, the 2nd practice went really well. He was so excited about his first game & getting to use all of his new baseball gear. After the game he kept talking about how well he played because he is "so big."  I can't tell you how happy it made me to hear him saying those kinds of things about himself. He was so proud of himself!
I'm so glad that Grayson has found something that he loves...we can't wait to watch him play all summer!
We even got to see our neighbors & G's best buddies after his game! Eventually we will play against Gray & Eli's team. I can't stand how cute these little ball players are!

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