sunshine is good for the soul

It's no secret that this has been the longest winter ever. I have never craved sunshine & warm weather like I have this winter. This weekend we had perfect weather & we spent all of our time outside. And even better? Although we lost an hour of sleep on Sunday, I love that it was light outside for so much longer yesterday! It was good for all of us!
Our trampoline was given to us by a friend from MOPS. They weren't using it anymore so they let us have it. It is one of my favorite energy burners--these boys love to jump and run around on it!
Our neighborhood has been busy replacing dead trees on our street. Our next door neighbors were getting a new tree this weekend which meant that the boys got to see the forklift, chainsaw, & dump truck right in front of our house. They also got to help "dig" the new hole. It was pretty much the perfect Saturday for two little truck-loving boys!
It was so nice to soak up the sunshine all weekend with my boys & our neighbor friends. We all woke up a little happier this morning knowing that we won't be trapped inside all day! 


Amy said...

We're so thankful that the sun is shining here too!! It IS good for the soul!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Amen sister!!! We were out all day long! Looks like today will be more of the Same!!! Enjoy!!!