I feel like we have been pretty busy lately, which is a great thing considering that the Polar Vortex has made this the longest winter ever. My Timehop app is killing me daily with the reminders that in all the years past we were playing outside in short sleeves! We are currently trapped inside due to ice & a little snow. It's crazy!
I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the excitement over our baby girl. Y'all, I am so excited & I feel like I've had a silly smile on my face since Thursday. It was so fun announcing Cheney's name, too. I've had it on lockdown for years & it feels surreal that it will now be coming out of our name vault! (and for those who asked, it is pronounced Chaney -- just like our old Vice President! But no affiliation. Promise) However, I've had some anxiety that at our 20 week anatomy scan she will have grown something. haha! Does that happen?!? Don't answer that. Please.
This weekend was full of fun things, too. On Friday night I met my friend Elizabeth at a huge consignment sale and grabbed a few sweet dresses. I won't be buying too much just yet, but I needed a few things!
It's pretty weird opening Griffin's closet & seeing some pink! I don't hate it!
Late Friday night was even more exciting. Our Sunday School friends, Amye & Jim, have been going through the adoption process over the last year. They already have 2 little boys & they have been patiently waiting to pick up their little girl in China. We've been praying for this little girl & everyone was so excited that they were arriving back in Nashville on Friday night.
Jim, Amye, & sweet Emma arrived at 10:15 and it was such a sweet moment! Big brother Luke was SO excited & proud.
Emma is precious. She is almost the same age as Griffin & petite just like him. I am excited for him to get a new little friend!
Now we are just waiting for the ice to melt & the warm weather to come back! Is it spring yet??


Dawn said...

We did the 4D ultrasounds with both of mine and they were correct both times...so you're good! ;) I am SO excited for you! I can't wait to meet Cheney through all your pictures! :) She is going to be one cute little lady! And I know you are LOVING buying little girl clothes-it is SO much and I am always broke because of it! :)

Jess Norden said...

Bahaha...I don't think she'll be growing anything!! I was pretty psyched to see a male part when we had ours done, though, so I knew for sure!!

I AM SO READY FOR SPRING! I want to go outside and not come back in all day...I am ready for my flip flops and no jackets!!

Ashleigh said...

Sweet girl I think you are safe! I do not think Chaney will be growing anything extra.. You are finally going to get that sweet little girl you have so long wanted for.. I cannot wait to see G & Griff as big brothers! They will be wonderful..