Griffin is 19 months old!

Griffin, you are now 19 months old! You're closer to 2 than 1 & I can't even believe it. Excuse the scraped nose; we were walking to the playground earlier this week & Griff face planted on the sidewalk. It wasn't pretty!
The stats:
Weight: roughly 21.5lbs
Height: just about 32 inches --finally grew enough for me to move buttons on your 12m longalls!
Clothing: almost all 12 month & a few 18 month things. I have been able to pull out summer stuff from last year & you can still wear a lot of it!
Shoe: 4.5
Diaper: 4
Here's what's been going on this month:
-You love the playground! We've been a couple times in our neighborhood and you love to climb on everything and go down the slides.
-We put a pillow in your crib and you LOVE it. You used to moved all around during the night and now you stay right on your pillow. You are sleeping better, too!
-You added Goofy to your list of lovies. You now have to sleep with Mickey Mouse AND Goofy.
-You love music & singing. You always dance when music is on & spin around. You also love to sing the "B-I-B-L-E" song. You can frequently be heard singing "B-I-B-I-B-I" to the right tune. Impressive!
-We registered you for 2 year old preschool next fall! AHH! I can't believe it!
-You got to see your baby on an ultrasound and learned that you'll be getting a sister! You still point to yourself sometimes when I ask who the baby is. Sometimes you point to my belly, too.
New things you are saying:
-"how are you?"
"where are you?"
-Bruboo (what he calls Grayson)
-you try to count (uh, two, eeeee!)
-Melmo (elmo)
-Gookie (Cookie Monster)
You are currently loving:
-Mickey Mouse
-Little People airplane & school bus. You hoard ALL of your Little People Superheroes & make them all sit in the bus usually.
-Putting on everyone else's shoes
-Playing hide & seek. Your go to hiding spot is behind the curtains!
Griffin, I can't believe another month has passed so quickly. Lately we've been talking more about you becoming a big brother. It still just doesn't seem real--you are still such a baby to me! Your personality is so much fun. Wild & sweet all wrapped up in a tiny little body. You are very social and are always "talking" to everyone. You get so excited when all the neighbor kids are outside playing with us--you just love your big friends! We love you, sweet boy!

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