Grayson at 3.5 years old

I really am having a hard time comprehending that my biggest boy is now 3 1/2. He is 2 short years away from starting kindergarten. I feel like I blinked & he morphed from that alert baby boy to this very opinionated & hilarious little boy.
There is no shortage of personality around here, that's for sure. Grayson keeps us entertained daily. He says the funniest things & keeps us all laughing. Right now G's biggest source of pride is his ability to pick out his own clothes (cue the mama eye roll-ha!) and get dressed himself (that part is AWESOME.). Picking out clothes for G is no easy task. I almost never get it right. He is obsessed with basketball shorts and wants to wear them daily. He also likes to wear t-shirts. But not just any t-shirts; he prefers white or gray t-shirts. Oh, and we can't forget his bright red tennis shoes! This is Grayson's daily uniform:
Stylin'! I realize his shorts are all crooked, he's wearing tall striped socks, his undershirt is probably backwards, & his shoes are on the wrong feet. BUT? He did it all by himself and that is what is most important to our big 3 year old!
It should noted that at 3 1/2, Grayson is super excited about getting a baby sister. I want to remember this time because I am sure she will drive him absolutely batty within the next few years! But, right now, he is over the moon happy about Cheney joining our family. G understands it so much better this time around & it is really fun to experience it with him. He is proud to be the biggest brother & tells me all the time that he will hold Cheney because "I will be SO BIG!" He is also fascinated with the girl clothes we've gotten so far. We had a good mail day last week & a sweet smocked dress arrived. As soon as I showed him the dress he said, "that for Cheney? I love it! It's so pwetty." Haha, I just love his excitement about all of this.
At 3 1/2, Grayson loves:
-ALL things sports related. He loves playing football, basketball, & baseball. This kid has quite an arm and is awesome at hitting a baseball off his tee. I can't wait to sign him up in the fall for tee ball!
-Superheroes. This is pretty new to us still, but over the last few months he has grown to love all superheroes. His favorite are Spiderman and Batman. He got a bunch of small superhero figures for Christmas & they get played with all the time!
-Being outside! I love this about G. He is not the type to prefer watching tv over playing outside. This winter has been difficult for his because we were stuck indoors for many. many months...this sunshine & warm weather has been so good for us! He loves driving his Gator around & doing all of his yard work in the front yard. He also likes to "be crazy" when he drives by himself and he flies all over the yard. I fear the teenage driving years.
-School. Preschool has been so great for him. He loves learning, he loves his friends, & he loves his teachers. His favorite part about school is going to Praise on Tuesdays. This boy loves him some music! Specifically "Jesus music" as he calls it...makes my heart happy!
-Trucks. This hasn't changed since he was 1..trucks were pretty much his first love! He has taught Griffin how to love trucks, too. They have a lot of fun together playing with our huge collection of trucks!
This age is a lot of fun, but it has also been the most difficult so far. I think three is just hard in general. We are still trying to learn what discipline techniques work best for our stubborn yet sensitive little guy. Life just gets a little more difficult when these toddlers start voicing their opinions!
I love this little boy so much. G brings so much joy to our family! He has the funniest personality and the sweetest heart. He makes a great big brother--always helping & always making sure his Griffin is okay. I love that about him. I can't wait to see what big things he will do in the future!

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Andie said...

he is growing up so much and I love all of his pictures. I think we are just arriving at that hard "discipline" stage over at our house.

Oh, and Grayson looks so much like you!!! :)