G is TWO!

Grayson is TWO years old today! I can hardly believe that we have been parents for that long...how is that even possible?! 
I can't get over how little G looks in his 12 month picture a year ago. I remember thinking that he looked like such a big boy then! He has changed SO much! 
The stats:
Weight: 24.6lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 34 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Diaper: 4 during the day & 5 at night
Clothes: all 24m stuff for the most part. He's in an awkward stage where some 24m stuff is too small but 2T is still pretty big. I'm having a hard time finding clothes for the fall & winter! He's still wearing his 12m shorts so we will only be wearing 24m pants with an adjustable waist. G is long & super skinny!
Shoe: 7
What's Been Going On:
  • Grayson started MDO this month! He's going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is going to the program at our church and is in the same room for school, MOPS, & Sunday School. This has helped the transition so much! We love his teachers & he is doing so great already. He is even sleeping on his little nap mat! I was shocked. He had a school birthday party yesterday and was so excited that the class sang "Happy Day" to him. So sweet:)
  • G is getting better with his appetite. He is willing to try things now instead of just refusing. He has even tried some veggies! He's now drinking Horizon vanilla milk instead of his nightly Pediasure--our wallets appreciate that change! His favorite foods right now are grilled cheese, peanut butter, Mickey Mouse nuggets (seriously), grapes, goldfish, pretzels & hummus, pizza, & bagels with cream cheese. 
  • Grayson is talking up a storm! He can literally say just about anything. G always talks about his friends...he will say their names & then say "nice!" Yes, he has nice friends! 
  • I know we are not fully ready yet, but G is very interested in the potty. He's had a potty seat for a few months but really started showing interest this month.  This past week he actually went twice after telling us he had to use the potty! I'm in no rush, but getting rid of toddler diapers would be nice:)
  • Grayson is still being such a sweet big brother. He has his moments of jealousy (usually while I'm nursing) but other than that, he's adjusted really well. Whenever Griffin is crying he makes sure that he has a paci, blankie, and his monkey lovie! G wants to make sure that his baby is taken care of! That's also the first thing he asks when I pick him up at school or after MOPS..."baby??" He always has to make sure Griffin is in the stroller:) 
 Grayson's favorite things right now are...
  •  any and all forms of machinery: trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, & trains. He requests to watch truck videos on YouTube daily. We play in his sandbox with trucks. He has trucks ALL over our house. He's starting to get into Thomas & will watch it for about .25 seconds every morning :) 
  • Yardwork. I kid you not. This child asks to mow & use his weed eater at least 87 times a day. He cracks me up! He will walk around our entire yard just like Ben does either mowing or using his "eata." I wish his tools really worked!
  • tools. Grayson has a few play tools that he loves. Ben emptied out an old plastic toolbox & gave it to G for his tools and he thinks he is so cool! Anytime he thinks something is broken or needs new batteries he yells, "TOOLS!" and then scurries off to fetch his box. He will "fix" everything in our house. It's hilarious! 
  • jumping. This is a newly learned trick & he thinks it's pretty fun. He now sets things in the middle of the floor so he can jump over them. I think he will be a track star of some sort!
  • playing outside with all of the neighbor kids. We live on an awesome street that is FULL of kids. G's best friend, Gray, lives right next door but he also loves all of the older kids nearby. Every morning we watch his friends get on the school bus & then we anxiously await their arrival every afternoon. We are lucky that these kids are so sweet & actually enjoy playing with our little guy! 
At 2 years old, Grayson is a strong-willed, very busy, very active, hilarious little boy. He makes us laugh on a daily basis. G has such a sweet heart. He is so caring & king and I really hope those traits stick with him as he gets older. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for our sweet Grayson! 

I am SO lucky that I get to be G's mama. These past 2 years have been a dream & I still have a hard time believing that this blonde little boy is mine! 

Happy 2nd birthday, Grayson!


Anonymous said...

Aw. Happy Birthday, G!

Stephanie said...

I hope Grayson has a great 2nd birthday! Enjoy today, Laura :)

Becca said...

Happy birthday G!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Grayson! Side note - Old Navy has really cute jeans with an adjustable waist. My almost 2 year old is about the same height as G but weighs 30 pounds so we were able to get the size he needed for the length and them still fit in the waist. :)

Lynsey said...

Happy Birthday Grayson!

the workaholic momma said...

Happy Birthday, Grayson!!! I love that he is SO into all of the yard work...hopefully that will pay dividends when he is 16;) I hope he had a wonderful day and you guys had fun celebrating:)

[dianegatorfan] said...

Happy Birthday Grayson! He is such a handsome little man! Hope he had a wonderful birthday and party with family and friends!!