So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I'm having to block a lot of the facebook smocked auction sites because I can't handle the matching jon jon/bubble sets for my boys? Yep, I will be that mama that wants my boys to match while they are little.
  • instead of making our planned pancakes last night for dinner, I got Ben to take me to our favorite local meat & 3 for some chicken fried chicken? what? Don't judge. GriffDawg is going through a growth spurt & I was huuunnngry!
  • I may cry when MOPS ends soon?
  • I totally went against what everyone told me and got G a bubble for this summer? NEXT summer he will be too old. And? This one has smocked roosters on it. He can say "dooooo doooooo!" like a rooster! 
  • I could give a crap if Facebook bought Instagram this week? Everyone is all in a tizzy about it. If I was the creator of Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg offered me $1 billion, I'm pretty sure I would accept. {what amazing app can I design?!} 
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Marci said...

Seriously! What is the big deal about Facebook buyin Instagram? I didn't see it as a big deal at all...

P.S. You totally just made me want chicken fried chicken for lunch. Unfortunately, I'm going home for leftovers. :o(

Melissa said...

I don't understand the whole instagram hoopla either? As long as it stays awesome, I'm in.

also, what is your friends blog that is adopting?

Brandy Bruce said...

Totally agree about the facebook and instagram merge situation. Not on my radar and why do I care?? And I'd take fried chicken over pancakes any day! :) Hope you'll hop over and take a look at my So What list too!

Mallorie said...

ahahahaha GriffDawg!!! LOVE! :-) And I've already started showing the hubs smocked boy outfits to prep him in case the next one is a boy ;-)