So What! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends! You know the routine. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I complained earlier in the week about the scale at the OB office & just ate a piece of s'mores pizza from Papa Murphy's? I blame my husband. His pregnancy cravings are worse than mine. 
  • I threatened to give ALL THREE OF OUR DOGS away this morning when they would not stop barking? Seriously. I might lose my mind. It's a good thing they're cute.
  • 16 & Pregnant makes me feel like Mother of the Year?  I mean, these kids must be joking...right?! 

  • I think this kid may be the funniest toddler ever? 
  • my main goal for April was to get G's new room painted and it still hasn't happened? and by hasn't happened I mean his room is still full of storage bins. Oy. I guess the "nesting" thing doesn't kick in as early with the second baby. 
  • the new Blogger layout freaks my world out? I don't do well with change. 
  • painting my toenails last night was like a partaking in a ridiculous yoga routine? See also: I can't easily reach my feet anymore. 
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Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Oh where to begin? I did the same thing yesterday after my dr. appointment. I had curly fries with cheese as a mid-morning snack. Seriously no good. Next topic, when I watch 16 and Pregnant, I just keep telling myself that when I have this baby in October, I got this in the bag! If these trainwrecks can do it, I'm golden. And lastly, I have the same reaction with the new blogger layout. Just when I was getting really good with the old layout, BAM! Change! I will be suffering along with you!

momFITtingitallin said...

oh yeah I blamed my hubby to about the cravings and you know the horrible part he ate the same things and didn't add a pound. ahhhh

Brandy Bruce said...

The nesting thing came way later with my second baby! And I craved candy! Seriously! I was eating sugar like a fiend constantly!

The Mrs. said...

Amen on the new blogger freak out. and Double amen to you having such a cute silly little man!

SnoopyMeg said...

I was watching 16&Preggers the other day and my mom was over (I usually watch while folding laundry or other mundane tasks). My mom says " I cant believe you watch this crap". and I replied " It makes me feel like I have got it all together, cheaper than thearpy!"