I feel like we have been so busy lately. Last week was too much. It was one of those weeks where we literally had a couple things we had to do every single day. I was overwhelmed. I was telling Ben earlier this week that I need to be better at saying "no." I can't do everything; certainly not with a toddler in tow.

On Ben's off day last week we took Grayson to the zoo! We went a few times last summer/fall but I knew he would be way more interested at this age. We actually bought an annual pass & I'm excited about going a lot more! 
We brought the stroller along with us even though G walked most of the time. I need the stroller for the 20 pound diaper bag. Seriously.  G is getting SO good about walking and holding hands. Such a big boy. 
The Nashville Zoo has an area with farm animals and I'm pretty sure Grayson would have just stared at the cows all day. He kept mooing at them. He also loved the birds! They were flying all around us and he was fascinated! 
G loved the elephants too! I wish they had gotten closer for him to see. He loves to "do what elephants do" and use his arm as a trunk. Animal lover? Absolutely. He get it from his mama! 

We were supposed to participate in our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning but I was feeling lazy. I wanted a day with zero plans. So, on Sunday we had our own little egg hunt in the backyard. Please note that our backyard doesn't have a single tree or anywhere to hide eggs. ha! 
Really, it wasn't much of a "hunt." 
He figured it out pretty quickly. G would open each egg and quickly discard it if was empty-ha! He was on the hunt for skittles!
Ben: "Do you want me to help you hold your skittles?"
G: "NOOOoooooo!"
G had a good time and enjoyed a few skittles once we got out of the blazing sun!

I've been enjoying the backyard SO much more now that it's "clean." I got G a water table that was on sale this week so now he has plenty of fun things to do out back. I'm not sure why it took us long to actually do things so we could enjoy our yard...it's one of the reasons we bought this lot!

Grayson has his last x-ray tomorrow morning to make sure his arm is 100% healed & then we are heading to Alabama! One of Ben's friends is getting married on Saturday & we will spend Easter with his family. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!


Happiness Is... said...

He is so darn cute!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful Easter!!!!! He's a cutie!!!!!

StephaE said...

HI! I just saw that you follow my blog...so of course I had to come over! SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! Grayson is adorable! And I love your fur babies! So I am following and I am grabbing your button!! :)

momFITtingitallin said...

ahh too cute

Amy said...

The one thing I wish Kansas City had was a better zoo! Not that'd it matter. When we first took jackson around graysons age, all J could point out was the water at each exhibit. Not the hippie, giraffe, or camel... but the water.