G is 19 months old!

...I'm behind. BUT, Grayson is now 19 months old! 
The stats:
Weight: 22lbs
Height: Somewhere between 32-33 inches
Diaper: 4 during the day & 5 at night
Clothing: his shirts & jon jons are all 18 & 24 months; shorts are 12 months. ha! G is SO skinny and all the 18m shorts fall right off of him. Ridiculous!
Shoes: size 5
What's Been Going On:
  • G has this new, strange fascination with bandaids. He calls them "bambos" and always wants to put them on his boo boos....but then immediately takes them off. He loves putting them on/off/on/off until the sticky part no longer works and then he gets mad. 
  • He LOVES stickers all of sudden. He gets them confused with "bambos" & tries to put them on his scabby legs. We are finding stickers all over the house! 
  • Last month at the pediatrician we were told that G needed to start talking more. Well, G took that to heart & has started saying new words and trying to say new things everyday! He now says: football (boofball--ha!), duck, truck, juice, booboo, bandaid (bambo), and we added "baaaaa" to his repertoire of animal sounds. The kid loves his animals!
  • He finally uses "mama" correctly! He hardly ever said it until recently & now he says it all the time. It's usually in a whiny voice, but I'll take it:)
  • G is sleeping later! Usually from 7:45-8ish until 7:30ish...hoooooooray!
  • Grayson can point to his nose, eyes, mouth, ears, feet, hands, arms, legs, and bellybutton!
 All of a sudden, G seems so much older. He has an opinion & is becoming so independent! I wish I could bottle up his sweet & funny personality right now...he makes me laugh all day long!

Happy 19 months, G!