a day downtown

Ben works every other weekend so when he is home, we really take advantage of it! On Friday morning we ventured downtown to check out the new Cumberland Park. It is literally right on the Cumberland River & sits next to LP Field. It was so neat! 
This cool kid had a blast running around and checking things out. This park is different than most & doesn't have a legit playground. Lucky for us G just needs space to run! and I literally mean run....walking was so yesterday.
There was a huge slide Grayson loved. I was surprised because my child usually does not like to slide. We had to pry him off of this thing! I went with him too but I will refrain from showing you those pictures. Holy cow...let's just say that being 6 months pregnant doesn't look pretty going down a slide! 

G is ALL BOY. Seriously, he can hear construction work a mile away. ha!
We enjoyed watching an old man fish (with his chihuahua...G kept yelling "JACK! JACK!" ...that's my boy!), looking at boats, and watching things going on across the river. I'll be honest and tell you that my toddler being THIS CLOSE to a river freaked me out. But? Fearless Grayson loved it! 
I love getting out of our Franklin/Brentwood bubble and venturing downtown. If you're a local, go check out Cumberland Park!


Lynsey said...

I love how G is rocking the sunglasses. I wish I could get Mason to keep a pair on. Looks like an awesome park.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Look at him how cute! we havne't been to this park! we'll have to check it out. I LOVE downtown Nashville! Nothing better!

The Mrs. said...

Sweet lil guy! Can I just say that it is Tuesday...and on Tuesday's- I can't wait for your So What! Wednesday! posts! They always crack me up!

Marci said...

Is there a secret to getting him to keep the glasses on? Love them! Landon REFUSES to let sunglasses even get near his face... G looks adorable though!

P.S. I wanna go on the slide too!

Amy said...

I love venturing out of our suburb and venturing into the city too! Looks like y'all had lots of fun!