menu plan + new hair

I am really trying to get back on the ball with menu planning. I've learned that life gets a little more hectic with an 11ish pound bundle of love around. I feel like I am finally in a pretty regular routine with Grayson as far as eating, playing, & sleeping goes. **Sidenote--baby bootcamp is going well! He is eating every 4 hours now during the day & we are still trying to drop that second night time feeding. However, I've learned that the earlier he goes to bed, the longer he will sleep. He is now doing a 5 hour stretch for the first half of the night! I'll keep you updated..** Since I am feeling more organized and capable of getting a dinner on the table with a baby around...here is my menu:
Monday: Steak bites a la Pioneer Woman (so good!!), green beans, & mashed potatoes
Tuesday: White Bean Chicken Chili
Thursday: Chicken parmesan bites, roasted garlic cous cous, sauteed zucchini
Friday: Paula Deen's chicken stir-fry over white rice
Saturday: Steak fajitas with marinated corn salad
Sunday: Baked chicken & mashed or baked sweet potatoes

I got my hair did this week! Grayson had been ripping it out in handfuls & it was taking way too long to dry in the mornings. I decided to chop off about 4-5 inches! I'm hairexic so this is a big deal. Right now I love it...but I'm sure I will be missing my long hair in a few weeks:) That's how it usually goes! Does this mean that I now have a mom cut if I chopped it to make life easier?


KatieB. said...

I'm so impressed you are on a schedule and cooking! Go you! He is a doll.

Shelli said...

Love the hair! Way to go on the schedule!

Jen Watts said...

your hair looks great girl!! I'm rocking the pony tail because Carsyn loves to grab mine.

way to go with the sleep and menu planning :)
I'm still doing the 3:00am feeding...