I love Thanksgiving. I love the family time, the gazillion gourds & pumpkins you see everywhere, and of course the ridiculous good food. My stomach is so excited!!
I am thankful for...
a roof over my head
a fabulous family
3 dogs that love me unconditionally
my very fun friends
and I think this year I am most thankful for this little guy...
I feel the need to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. He's real! And he's mine! And he's the cutest baby boy ever! Seriously...I am very thankful this year that my dream since I was about 3 years old has finally come true-I'm officially a mama. Can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with our newest addition!
Gobble Gobble!


Jennifer said...

He looks like a little man baby! Does that make any sense??? :)

Laura said...

I think he looks older than 2 months:)