Weekend Update

It seems as though Winter has ended & Spring is just around the corner! We had awesome weather this weekend. Seriously, the sunshine has never felt so good!
Friday night was spent lounging. Well, the last half of Friday night. Ben & I had to drive downtown to sign some papers on his new truck. Did I fail to mention he traded the 4Runner in for a Nissan Titan? Oh boy is he a happy camper! I must say, I feel a little like a road warrior in his truck. It is huge! Can't wait until I have to climb in that bad boy when I am 9 months pregnant! After, we went to eat at Nacho's (our favorite!) where we indulged in queso and enchiladas. Remember, I am lactose intolerant. Hmm...I sure am smart with my food choices!
Saturday was gorgeous. We drove around in the country for a while daydreaming about having land of our own one day. Trying to be patient with that. Really, I'm trying.
My cousin Brad is in Nashville all week for work so we got to hang out with him on Saturday night! We went to Tin Roof & then the boys had a Guitar Hero battle all night long. I was proud of myself...it was the latest I have stayed up since the beginning of January!
Now we are shifting rooms upstairs to make room for our little babe. I'm procrastinating by writing this...maybe I should get to work...

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