12 weeks

*How far along?: 12 weeks...woohoo 3 months!
*Total weight gain?: Weighed myself this morning...no gain:) My thighs have shifted to my belly though...very strange...
*How big is baby?: a plum
*Sex: Still predicting a boy..
*Maternity clothes: no...hopefully that will be a little while longer!
*Stretch marks: Nope.
*Sleep: I've been waking up all night..boo for that.
*Best moment this week: I got a little baby towel from a student...pretty sweet:)
*Movement: not yet!
*Food cravings: not really
*Labor signs: not for about 28 more weeks...
*Belly button in or out: in
*What I miss: red wine!!
*What I'm looking forward to: we go to the doctor on Thursday...I want to HEAR the heartbeat this time!

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The Burfitt's said...

lookin super cute :) I missed red wine during my pregnancy also, hah!! Good for you with the no weight gain..that is awesome!