Just some thoughts...

  • I have always wanted a big family. I want 4 kids...and that was taken down a notch from 5! Every time I tell people this, they say "that'll change after the first one..." I don't think it will. The fact that you tell me this makes me want to prove you wrong.
  • Don't text talk in an email...or worse, a hand written note. I can't handle that. It iz annoying 2me.
  • Mr. Sketch smelly markers may or may not be one of the reasons a person teaches elementary school...just sayin'...
  • The fact that I need to start getting on daycare waiting lists freaks me out!! My lime already needs daycare!
  • Did you know there are 49 days of school left? [cue "Hallelujah Chorus"]
  • I am convinced that my baby will come out of the womb dancing judging simply by the fact that I dance on the way to work every. single. morning.

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