our halls are decked.

I apologize. I have been a bad blogger. December has been a crazy month! This post is mostly for my mama. She wanted to see our new house decorated for Christmas! Welcome to our home:)
One of my favorite things to do in December is check the mail! I have always loved snail mail & Christmas cards are the best! I think I am going to start putting all of our cards in an album so I can keep track of everyone through the years. Look at sweet Brady:)
This is our new tree. It is in our computer room in the front of the house. It will be a red & silver tree. I am hoping to buy a lot of new ornaments after Christmas--on sale! Look at all the presents!
This is in our family room. I think it needs some garland or something extra next year.
My little red table in the foyer. Hurricane vase was like $8 and those ornaments are from Hobby Lobby and were dirt cheap! Easy decoration!
My dining room needs some Christmas help. I am REALLY wanting a tall skinny artificial tree to put in here next year. I want a tree that has browns & golds. Ben says that would be excessive. I like being excessive at Christmas:)

Our 9 foot real tree. Gotta have the real one! You can't beat the yummy smell! Fun fact we have learned this year: Ellie likes to EAT Christmas trees.
Our newest ornament...thanks Caron!

My mom always had a lot of different Santas when I was younger. They were always on our mantle & I lovedgetting them out each year and looking at them. My house will have no such tradition. Isn't it funny how technology changes things? I love our stockings from Nana...I will always think of her when I get them out in December! I can't wait to buy matching ones for little ones down the road!
The wreath I made this year:)
I cracked up when I saw this picture on my computer. Pay close attention to the windows by the front door. It looks like we have wild racoons living inside:)

Happy Holidays!

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