Childhood Christmas Memories...

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! I love everything about it. I love the lights, giving gifts, decorating, recieving Christmas cards, ornaments, fires, the smell of Christmas trees, AND of course I love celebrating the birth of our Lord!
These are some of my favorite Christmas memories as a child...
  • I used to love the day that my mom would bring up all the Christmas boxes from the basement. They would literally fill up the living room. We would turn on our favorite Mitch Miller Christmas cd & unpack all the boxes together. I loved decoarting the house then & I love it now!
  • Every year for as long as I can remember we have gotten our tree at Home Depot. Ben & I still go there for ours! We would bundle up & head over there on the search for the best tree. Keep in mind that my dad always had gloves (to protect him from the sap...can't get dirty!) and would stomp his feet before returning to the car. No needles in a "Moore car!" ANYWAYS, I always found the perfect tree. My parents would disagree. I would argue. They would cave. We would bring my tree home and it would always be perfect! :)
  • I always loved going to Louisiana for Christmas. I have vivid memories of going there when I was really little...maybe 5 years old. We were at my Nana's old house and I remember her sitting in her chair & Ned sitting in his blue recliner. I got 2 baby dolls (of course) that were twins and when you got them too far apart they would cry. Haha.
  • I used to love being the little elf at the Georgia Christmas. For the longest time, I was the baby. The youngest got to pass out all of the gifts! However, I was always the last open...
  • I still miss the JFBC 11:00 Christmas Eve candlelight service. Perfect way to end Christmas Eve and celebrate the true reason of this holiday.
  • I used to make the LONGEST Christmas lists! Seriously...I'm talking like multiple pages. I would also make my dog, Maggie, a Christmas list!
  • I remember our first Christmas in the house I grew up in. We had just moved in and didn't have a real tree that year. My aunt and uncle let us borrow their small tree and I found only one ornament for that tree. A rubberband. I was 7 and thought that was the BEST Christmas ever because I got the asian twin babies from American Girl. Yes, I said asian babies. Don't ask.
What are your favorite Christmas memories?

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Anonymous said...

We always got our tree at home depot when I was growing up and that is where we get ours now too!

PS- I am cracking up because you have one of my oooold blogs listed haha! Who knows how many times I've changed!