It was Merry...VERY!

Finally..a Christmas post! Better late than never, right? Gosh I have been so busy since we back with cleaning the house (um, right...), seeing friends, and running errands!
We started our Christmas on the 22nd and we packed it up like the Beverly Hillbillies and made our way to Florence. We did spent a day with Ben's family & went out to dinner and opened presents with them. I have been sick for the ENTIRE month of December and the bonus of having a MIL that is a nurse is that she medicated me:) This is the best picture of me and the hubby the entire Christmas week..

We got Thomas this huge Alabama picture for his new Bama themed room. Ben was a little jealous..
Here is my sweet mother-in-law!
We drove to Lousiana on the 23rd to spend Christmas with my whole family! It was a LONG drive but well worth it!

Here is Nana's tree with only some of the gifts...I forgot to take one before we started opening!

You may remember back in February I bragged about this little girl being born. Baby Brooke is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously...how can you resist those big blue eyes?! Ben is a natural with babies. I can't wait to see him with our own little ones!
Sweet Princess Hailey with her new baby doll. This is a girl after my own heart. She LOVES her baby dolls just like her aunt Laura did:)

Brady and Hailey love eachother. Hailey is 3 and Brady is 2. Brady now lives in Norh Carolina but they are still best friends when they are together! We had so much fun watching them play. How sweet is this picture? Hailey wanted to put on her new wedding dress and Brady helped her with the high heels. Little Prince Charming...
Told ya...they are best buddies!
I foresee this being in a wedding slideshow in 20+ years!

A glimpse into the future?
My family!
the WHOLE Lousiana gang!
I hope your Christmas was as great as ours!

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