brain dump

Somehow it is already the middle of December. I am still racking my brain at how that happened. This year is going by so fast!

We have been a fun kind of busy--here is what we have been up to!
Preschool has been so much fun! I have a great class this year & the littles are both loving their classes. Griffin is doing great in his Alligator class & it has really helped him become more independent and confident. It is easier to not follow in your big brother's shadow when he isn't at your school anymore:) Cheney has the sweetest little class & talks about her school friends a lot.
Grayson is still LOVING kindergarten & got to go on his first field trip in October. The kindergarteners went to Walden Farm & he had a blast. I was sad it was on a school day for me - I am learning to deal with that mama guilt since I can't be at everything! I'm glad other sweet mamas send me pictures:)

Our fall has been super warm and we have gotten to enjoy lots of outdoor things. We went to the zoo with some friends which is always fun! Grayson is still not used to the fact that we go places while he is at school. Griffin and Cheney had fun with their friends! Our zoo is getting renovated and will be so awesome when it is all done. 
Ellie and Cheney are best friends & are so cute together. They are both surrounded by brothers so they love having their girl time!

We spent fall break in Atlanta with my family. My mom continued our Disney obsession with tickets to Disney on Ice! It was so good and the kids loved it. Cheney even sat through the first half!

They even convinced their mama to spend their college tuition on these swords and Elsa wand. Oh, Disney.

We had to take them to the Varsity for lunch afterwards. I'm not the biggest fan of the favorite Atlanta grease pit but the kids thought it was great! I love how the simplest things make Grayson so happy!
We spent our Thanksgiving in Alabama with Ben's family. Our kids love going to see Mimi and Pops & Uncle Thomas! Lots of football was watched and lots of front yard baseball was played--the boys dream come true!

Our fall has flown by & I still haven't figured out how to slow time down. Life with these people is the best kind of busy!

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