our Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas with my parents in town!

This is such a fun age with each of the kids. Grayson is all things Christmas obsessed. I feel like he is our very own Buddy the Elf! He was so excited about Christmas Eve this year so he could track Santa's sleigh on my computer. We had been watching Santa and the reindeer on ReindeerCam & he is just so intrigued.

My parent's got here the afternoon of Christmas Eve & we let the kids open up the gifts from out of town family. They were super excited!

They sure do have a lot of people that love them!

We went to church on Christmas Eve before dinner. It was a beautiful, candlelit service.

Cheney slept through about half of it. She was worn out! We sang Lauren Daigle's "Noel" and those words are just powerful. That has been one of my favorite songs this advent season. It is beautiful.

We ended Christmas Eve with the Pioneer Woman's pot roast (make it!), tracking Santa one last time, & finishing our Storybook Bible advent story.

Christmas morning started bright and EARLY. I had told the boys not to wake up before the sun on Christmas morning. Well, I heard them in the hallway walking towards our room & I got up to take them back into their room. I looked at the clock and said, "guys. seriously. it is 6am!" Grayson immediately looked at his clock and said, "NO IT ISN'T! It is 6:01." ha! They stayed in their room for about half an hour while the adults got ready & then it began!
Santa came!
 One of the only things Grayson asked for this year was some athletic leggings. He is OBSESSED with only wearing basketball shorts & this was something he wanted so bad. He cracks us up! Look at that face. He was so excited!

Griffin is just the sweetest. The smallest things make him so happy. He was honestly just as excited about giving me this snowman he made at school as he was about opening his own presents. He was so proud of this snowman!
All Cheney has said that she wanted for Christmas was "TWO BABIES!" Well, she is a lucky girl because I found these Bitty Baby twins before they discontinued them. They look like a little Cheney & Griffin. She loves them!

We spent the day playing inside & outside -- we had beautiful weather -- and eating way too much yummy food. The perfect way to spend Christmas!

We ended Christmas by taking Nana and Poppy to see the Sunnyside lights. We love Sunnyside & are so sad that next year is his last year. It was a great Christmas...I can't believe it is already over!

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