Two baseball boys

This fall was the beginning of a crazier schedule for us. We have always just had one kid involved in sports but this year Griffin got to play, too! We kept asking him in the spring if he wanted to try soccer or baseball & we were actually surprised when he kept saying baseball. He never seemed interested in Grayson's games but we gave it a whirl!
Griffin played in the 4/5 year old league and was on the Threshers. Our league doesn't start off with tee ball; it is a combo of coach pitch and tee ball. The kids always get 5 pitches and then they use the tee if they have not gotten a hit. Griffin only used the tee a couple of time this season--I was so impressed!
This season was so great for his confidence. He had a great time (which is the most important part) but I loved watching him play & seeing how excited he was every time he made a good play or got a hit. He was so proud!

The Threshers favorite part of every game was ending with a snack!

Griffin finished the season strong & got the game ball after his last game! He is already talking about playing again in the spring. I love his enthusiasm!
Grayson moved up to the 7 year old league this fall & played on the Sea Dogs. They didn't keep score in the fall but they did start doing outs. It was a big learning year for him!
Grayson learned so much this season. He struck out for the first time (and handled it way better than I imagined) AND he hit his first homerun! He is so determined to improve & I just love his drive! He is asking Santa for a batting cage--we are baseball obsessed over here.

This was the sweetest group of boys! They got along so well & I really hope most of them can be together again in the spring. As hectic as life was during baseball season, we sure do miss playing!

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