New House Tour: the play room

One thing that was on my wish list for looking at houses was having a big bonus room that had a door. Our old house had a great play room for the kids but it was out in the open and there was no way to hide all the toys. It drove me crazy once we started accumulating more & more large, plastic toys. If the room is messy at the end of the day, I want to close the door and not think about it!
I was so excited to see the big bonus room at our new house. It is upstairs, above the garage, away from the bedrooms, AND it has a door. Hallelujah! The only problems? Well, it was dark brown & had a horribly obnoxious UT vinyl sticker on the wall.

This is what the room looked like when we first saw it. Thank goodness the owners took those decals with them. The door on the right is the laundry room & has a walk in attic. There is also a door to the left with more walk in attic space! HUGE bonus points.
This was the first room we painted after we moved in. I could not handle that dark brown paint. We also changed out the light fixture--that one was so dark.  Griffin had to wear a head lamp to pick out bedtime books--not even kidding!
Here is what the room looks like now!
We painted a very light grayish blue. It makes the room look so much brighter!
You will notice that we are still very much in the stage of HUGE toys.
This used to be our sectional. Our movers tried moving it upstairs but the corner piece would not make it through the doorway. SO, we ditched that piece and now just have a really long couch. I need to hang our Ikea art wire and hang the kids book covers above that couch!
This is my favorite little corner of the room...Cheney's girly nook! That is the baby crib that Pops made her & my mom refinished my old baby bunk beds and made them quilts! Cheney loves to read in her little Owl chair and play with her babies.
That door goes to our other huge storage space. It is no nice not having to go up in the actual attic to store stuff!
Well, that is our play room/bonus room! Now if only I could get the kids to always keep it this neat! 

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Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

The blue really does brighten everything up! I love it!