back to preschool!

We can officially say that summer is now over. Griffin, Cheney, & I all started back to school last Tuesday!

This will be my 2nd year teaching a 3 year old class at our church. I would have never thought that I would enjoy teaching young preschoolers, but I am so happy I took a chance last year. I love it! We have a really sweet class this year & I am looking forward to spending a year with them and watching them grow!

Griffin is in the Alligator class this year!
I was a little worried about Griffin being in the 4 year old class. It is a big year of independence and our middle boy has a funny way of still being the baby in the family. However, he is with a lot of his best buds again and he is doing so well!! He tells me all about the fun things they do in class & is loving going to centers. I get to spend some time with his class at recess & I love watching him play with his friends!

Cheney is in the Panda class this year! This is the class that the boys both started in & I love it so much.
This little lady is LOVING school. She tells me all about the friends she plays with & sits next to at lunch. She is such a social butterfly and I know she loves being there. Her sweet teachers have even gotten her to nap on her mat!!! I was shocked and amazed.

Our little school is the most precious place for children. I'm soaking up these years before my babies go to the big school with their brother!

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