Disney World {Days 3 & 4}

The one thing we wished we had done differently on our last Disney trip was add in another Magic Kingdom day. Two days there just wasn't enough! Honestly, I could spend a whole week just going to that park--it really is the most magical! So, we did just that. Our 3rd day was spent at Magic Kingdom again!
You know Grayson is loving life when you can get him to happily wear a Mickey shirt and not a neon Nike shirt!
See how magical it is?? You can also see Cheney's new Disney smile that she did in 75% of our pictures--goofy girl!

One of our favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean!
 The boys just really loved the gift shop--all things pirate!
We rode on the Jungle Cruise and I forgot how hot that boat ride is!
We rode the Little Mermaid ride (and maybe I sang along the whole time) & then met Ariel in her Grotto. She is my favorite princess & Cheney is starting to love her, too. She picked out an Ariel doll before we left!
We took Grayson on Splash Mountain & he loved it. We had front row seats and got pretty wet...but when it feels like 100 degrees outside you don't complain!

One of the highlights of this day was watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade down Main Street! We got some popcorn & had front row seats. The kids all loved it--Griffin said it was his favorite part!

These three were mesmerized the whole time & just giggled and danced. It was fun to watch!
We spent the entire day at Magic Kingdom & Ben and Grayson rode Space Mountain several times. I think this picture was my favorite. G is currently all about dabbing in every picture--ha!

We headed to Disney Springs that night for a little shopping & eating. We ate at Earl of Sandwich which was really good & explored the toy store. The kids were delirious on the way home--Disney World equals many late nights! All the kids were sleeping in the living area of our suite. The boys had the sofa bed & Cheney slept on the murphy bed. I would check on them before we fell asleep and before I started getting ready in the morning--they literally never moved each night!

Our 4th day was spent at Animal Kingdom. I like Animal Kingdom, but it is not a place that we could spend the same amount of time at as Magic Kingdom. We did a half day there which worked out perfectly because we had late night reservations with Chef Mickey!
The first thing we did at Animal Kingdom was the Kilimanjaro Safari. Our kids all love this--especially Griffin!

 Griffin is obsessed with the Lion Guard right now & couldn't wait to see a real lion. They were all snoozing on the rocks but they are just so beautiful!
We also did the "It's Tough Being a Bug" show. Grayson and Griffin thought it was awesome but Cheney said it was "too loud" and she "no like that."
I was excited to ride the Everest roller coaster this time! It did not disappoint--my little ride buddy loved it, too!
While Grayson & Ben rode Everest together, the rest of us met safari Mickey and Minnie! Griff and Cheney love every single character meet & greet. I love watching their eyes light up!

We ate lunch at the Flame Tree Barbeque place and it was really good! They had a covered area by the water overlooking the Everest ride. It was a nice, shady spot!
Before we headed home for naps, we hit up the DinoLand! We played in the gigantic playground & rode the Triceratops Spin.
They had tons of carnival games & Ben made Griffin's dream come true when he won him a gigantic snake stuffed animal!!

We headed back to the resort around 2:00 that day because we knew the kids (and adults) had to nap since we had such a late dinner planned. Everyone slept for over 2 hours!

We explored the Cars section of the resort before we headed to dinner. It really is such a fun place to stay!

We had reservations at Chef Mickey's at 8:25 that night. I thought we were crazy to start an evening that late with 3 littles, but we couldn't pass up Chef Mickey's!

The food was pretty good & the character experience was so fun. They even brought out a signed birthday card for Grayson!
We ended our {very late} night celebrating Grayson's birthday again. You get to celebrate all week when you are in Disney World!

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