Cheney: 11 months old!

Cheney baby, you are 11 months old today!
The Stats:
Weight: 17lbs
Height: around 28 inches
Clothing: some 9 month & 12 month
Diaper: size 3
Shoe: size 4...you have some big feet!
Basically, you live to eat. Meal times are your favorite! You eat just about anything we give you & it is wonderful. You are still drinking 4 bottles a day. You did master the sippy cup this month! You can do a straw cup too. I have introduced you to whole milk and you seem to like it. Your favorite foods are watermelon, blueberries, cereal bars, fresh peaches, goldfish, any kind of rice, shredded cheese, & yogurt melts!
You are a great sleeper! And when you aren't, that means you are sick. You had 2 ear infections this month and the only thing that clued us in was that you weren't sleeping at night. You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up bright and early at 6! You are still taking 2 naps a day but on busy days you can skip the morning nap. I am hoping to phase you out of that one soon! You don't like being rocked to sleep anymore & it makes me so sad. You are Miss Independent and just like us to put you in the crib so you can fall asleep! You are a creature of habit and always have to have your sound machine, sleep sack, music, a ton of pacis, & soft lovies.
Happenings this month:
-TEETH! Teeth happened this month. Two bottom teeth to be exact!
-You are pushing your toys all over the house! You love walking with those, but have no interest otherwise. This is a first for us! I am so ready for you to walk!
-You can say "da da" & "Ja" for Jack.
-You are a BIG Daddy's girl. You ask for "da" all day long and your face lights up when he walks through the door! You have him wrapped!
-You are a speed crawler all over the house. Literally. You can fly up the stairs and it makes me crazy!
-You are the busiest May baby so far. I have to constantly watch you because you put everything in your mouth and try to climb on everything. You will be the one who gives me gray hairs!
-You really love bath time and splashing. Some nights you bathe alone & you think it is fantastic!
-you LOVE music! Pat-a-cake is your favorite!
 Oh, my sweet girl. I can't even handle the fact that you will be ONE in a month. It breaks my heart a little. You are just the most precious little thing & I want to freeze time! You make every single day so much fun. You are strong, brave, & sassy! You definitely hold your own with your 2 big brothers. You are such a joy & we love you so much!
Happy 11 months, Cheney!

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Jen Watts said...

She is literally so cute I cannot stand it!