life lately

I never intend to go so long without blogging, but as always, life happens.  We have had a pretty busy summer so far & I can't believe it is getting close to school starting back! Here are a few tidbits about what we have been up to...
-I jokingly call our new house the Mays Money Pit. I really do love our house & neighborhood, but it seems like we can't catch break. Right before the beach trip, we had to deal with a big plumbing issue in the kids bathroom. Then, a couple weeks ago, our upstairs air conditioner died. In July. IN THE SOUTH. SO, the Mays Money Pit now has a brand new a/c unit! Fun times, right?!
-One week after the air went out, Hudson was acting like his back hurt. I took him to our vet & they gave me some pain meds to see if that would help. We were hoping he had just played too rough with Ellie & bruised his tailbone. The next morning he could not stand up & had no feeling in his back half. I was so freaked out. I took him to get x-rays first thing that morning & was worried sick all day.  I got an awful call from the doctor & she told me that he had ruptured some disks in his back. Our options were either put him down or possibly do surgery. Needless to say, I WAS A WRECK. We met at the emergency animal hospital with Huddy & the doctor there. She looked at his x-rays and said that he had a great chance of a full recovery with surgery. SO, we went for it.

Hudson's surgery took 3 hours & he had 4 ruptured disks. They said if we had waited another day to bring him in, it would not have been the same outcome. Our pup is a trooper! The first week was hard, but he is doing so great now! It has been 2 weeks and he can walk on his own & has almost all control back in his hind legs. We are SO thankful. Our dogs are our family & we are happy to have our big boy almost back to normal!
-My mom & I headed to Louisiana with the kids a few days after Hudson's surgery. It was a 10 hour drive & I am very thankful for childrens Dramamine! We had the best time with family!

We stay at my aunt & uncles house when we go. They live on a few acres and have tractors, mowers, and all sorts of big kid toys! Grayson was in heaven. He helped Papa Bruce all day long on the tractor. I am pretty sure he would move to Baton Rouge if we let him! I wish we lived closer so the kids could see each other more often. It was a great week!

-In BIG KID news, Griffy is potty trained!!!! I dreaded this whole process because he is so stubborn. We tried it in the spring & he freaked out. This time? It happened so easily! He is now diaper-free and just wears pull-ups at night. I am so proud of this big boy!

That is all of our big news for now! We've been really enjoying our summer & soaking it up before school starts. This new yard is a dream...the boys spend hours outside each day & have so much room to run around. We are loving it! Hopefully my next post won't be a month from now:)


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