celebrating Griffin

Our little birthday boy had a great day celebrating! He & Grayson will be having a joint party at the end of August, but I want to remember all his little "Griffin-isms" from his actual birthday.
This is the first birthday he has been really excited about. Griffin has talked about being three & been practicing holding up 3 fingers for months now. I love how excited he has been! I asked him last week exactly what all he wanted to do on his birthday and got this response:
-do something fun with my friends
-eat cookies
-go get ice cream
-eat pizza
-have a strawberry cake (he even requested that I make it instead of being lazy & ordering one! haha)
I love that our tiny toddler's list pretty much revolved around food. Makes me laugh! We started off our day before Ben went to work. Griffin got one present & it was one that was already put together and couldn't be wrapped: his new sand box! You may remember that Ben's dad built G an amazing sandbox for his 2nd birthday & the boys LOVED it. However, after almost 3 years, the wood was just saturated and the sand was always soaked. Ants kept getting in & they just couldn't use it anymore. Griffin was pretty heartbroken & has been asking for a new sandbox ever since. Needless to say, we had some happy boys (even Cheney liked it!) yesterday!
We went to a trampoline park with lots of friends after breakfast & had a blast. There were trampolines and bounce houses galore. It was the perfect morning for our little jumping bean! For lunch, Griffin requested "Ms. McDonald's" because he really wanted chicken nuggets and an ice cream cone. So we went to McDonald's with our friends & I think the boys had a great time sitting at a big table with just their friends!

Everyone took really long naps after our 2 hour jumping adventure. When Ben got home from work, we ate pizza, strawberry cake, & opened presents. Griffin got so many fun things but his favorite was a pack of 5 firefighters. He is OBSESSED with "guys." He plays with firemen, superheroes, & policeman figures all day long. It was so funny!
He stayed up late jumping on the trampoline and was just so happy all day. Before bed he asked, "am I still going to be 3 tomorrow?" He is very worried that it will only last for a day! Love his cute little self. We had a fun day celebrating our littlest boy! 

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Carol said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so tiny on that giant slide! What a fun day! Strawberry cake is my fav too!