For my girl

Dear Cheney,
Here we are...39 weeks in to this thing and it is finally time to meet you! I can't believe the time is actually here. We all feel like we have been waiting on you forever! Which, seeing as how you are a little lady, that will probably be the case many other times in your life. It's okay, though. The boys in our house will adjust!

Sweet girl, I have loved you from the second I knew you were inside my belly. You came at just the right time. At a time when there was so much sadness, you brought so much joy. I often think about my dear friend, Michelle, and how she is probably beaming at the fact that our last baby is a little girl. She would have been so excited to meet you!

Your big brothers have been excited about you since day 1. Grayson is so proud to be your biggest brother. He tells everyone about his baby sister, Cheney, & how he is going to help take care of you. He has such a sweet heart and will always look out for you. Griffin doesn't understand exactly what is about to happen, but he lovingly refers to you as "Sissy" and gives my tummy kisses quite often.  He has been the baby for two years, but I know he will be such a great big brother to you. I hope you always realize what a blessing your big brothers are to you. They are your built in best friends; the ones who will be by your side all of your life. I can't wait to watch the 3 of you bond & form a great friendship!

I really can't wait to watch you with your daddy. You are a lucky girl, Cheney. Your daddy is the best!  He loves spending time with your brothers playing sports & rough housing. However, I think the moment he lays eyes on you, he will be wrapped around your tiny little finger.

Cheney, I have so many hopes and dreams for you. So many things I want to teach you. My biggest hope for you is that you have a heart for Jesus. I hope you know that your beauty and worth comes from Him and nobody else. You are fearfully & wonderfully made, little girl.

Grayson made me a mama, Griffin made us a family of four, & now you are completing us. We are so excited to finally get to love on you!

Love you always,