The Story of Cheney

As I guess you have figured out, Cheney did not decide to come on her own and waited patiently for her scheduled birthday. Ben and I woke up super early on the morning of August 6th because we had to be at the hospital by 5:30am.  We left our house while it was still dark & for the last time, we walked into the hospital to have a baby.  They got us all checked in to our room, hooked me up to the IVs, & we waited. It is really strange waiting around & watching the clock knowing that in a couple hours I will be holding a brand new baby in my arms. It is just so surreal. A feeling that I will likely ever forget. Another funny thing about this morning was that while I was being monitored, I asked the nurse if I had just had a contraction. I had been feeling random tightness off and on but didn't know if they were contractions. Turns out, I was having contractions AND they were 4 minutes apart. Pretty funny, right?!
At 7:15 they told me it was go time. They wheeled me back into the OR & Ben had to wait outside in his scrubs. I hate that part of it. I wish he was allowed to be in there during the anesthesia part--it is my least favorite! I had anxiety this time about the lidocaine shot that comes before the spinal. I remember how badly it burned last time. The spinal was actually worse this time. It took at least 15 minutes & felt like an eternity to get it all worked out.  Not gonna lie, it hurt. They had to do the lidocaine twice because they could not get my spinal centered.  I remember telling myself over & over again that I would never have to do this again. Ha! Once they finally were finished, they were able to lay me down & Ben got to join me. I was actually feeling good for about a minute or two and then all of a sudden was SO nauseous.  I remember this happening with Griffin except they all said I wouldn't actually get sick because my stomach muscles wouldn't work due to anesthesia.  This time was different. I felt sick & I did end up getting sick. I don't recommend that when your body isn't able to move and you are lying on your back. Ick.

Once I got pumped with some medicine to ease the nausea, my doctor was able to begin the surgery.  It is so strange having surgery but being awake. I remember having to ask the nurses if it had actually begun & they laughed and said yes.  It took a few minutes but I vividly remember my awesome OB finally seeing Cheney's face. She kept talking about how cute she was and how she had pretty much no hair. I could not wait to see her with my own eyes!

At 8:04am our baby girl came into this world and, goodness, did she let everyone know! Cheney had a great set of lungs from the very beginning! Also, I need it to be known that the first thing I made my OB tell me was that Cheney was indeed a she. haha!

This was our first moment with Cheney. I definitely thought she looked a lot like her brothers!

Cheney went to the nursery with Ben and our families got to see her through the window. I felt like I was in the OR for such a long time while they finished up. I was beyond ready to get my hands on our baby girl!

They finally brought her back around 9:15. We were able to spend an hour just soaking up every ounce of newborn sweetness. Cheney was absolutely perfect. We were able to nurse & have some skin-to-skin time and just bond with her. It was nice to have those quiet moments before we introduced her to everyone!
We brought our families in around 10:30. Our boys had been hanging out in the waiting room & were ready to see their new baby! Grayson was very cautious of the whole hospital part. I don't think he was expecting to see me in a hospital bed. Griffin was pretty smitten & fascinated from the beginning. He wanted to give Cheney lots of kisses! I look at this picture and see our complete family. It is still pretty surreal!

Everyone was in love with Cheney & pretty excited about adding a girl to our mix!

We had a couple of superheroes stop by the room so that was fun. Cheney is pretty much the coolest baby sister ever & got her brothers personalized superhero capes & masks. They were excited!
Seriously. Could she be any sweeter??

So, here we are! May, Party of Five. Crazy & complete:)


Four Lease Ranch said...

She is so adorable! Congratulations.

lg2006 said...

and beautiful! DadGUM girl you look so beautiful, especially for someone who has just given BIRTH! She is soooo sweet and I am so excited for you guys to have a girl. Can't wait to hear updates on what she is like as she gets older. Congrats to you all. xoxo

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

So so so sweet! Loved her birth story. So happy for you all!