Thoughts on Tuesday

Scheduled births are a strange thing. I keep running around like a crazy person making sure I have everything on my lists checked off. I've checked things off & have everything scheduled for the boys. See also: Pregnancy makes me crazy, anal, & neurotic.
I was kind of hoping that Cheney would give us some element of surprise and come a tiny bit early. I thought that would be fun since everything was so specifically planned out. Considering I have tried every single method of getting this baby out & she hasn't even really dropped, I would say that she is pretty content with staying inside until her planned birthday.
When I say we have tried everything, I really do mean everything. Except castor oil. Because, ew. No thank you. I was kind of hoping to go into labor on Sunday night due to nearly having a panic attack thanks to a new "friend" who showed up in our backyard.  The boys had just gone to bed and we were downstairs. Ellie had to go outside so I let her out. A few minutes later I opened the back door and was horrified by what I saw. Ellie, our fearless crazy dog, was face to face with a giant snake under our trampoline. I legitimately freaked out, made her come inside immediately, & shrieked. I'm sure Ben thought I was being super dramatic until we turned the outside lights on and he saw this beast with his own eyes. It was no tiny garden snake, y'all. We are talking about a 4 foot long, black, HISSING snake.
Photo: Walked outside tonight and this thing was face to face with Ellie󾍁thankfully, it is now dead. It also didn't make me have a baby...looks like she's cooking until Wednesday!
It was pretty much my worst nightmare.  Ben enlisted the help of some neighbors and they chased that stupid snake for about an hour. It was mad and fast.  We are pretty certain it wasn't poisonous, but in my opinion, all snakes are better dead.  It fought a good fight, but eventually they cut the big guy's head off and I could finally breathe again.  I thought for sure that this fiasco would send me straight to Labor & Delivery. nope! We make stubborn and comfy babies.
I won't be doing an official 39 week update. I won't actually be 39 weeks until Wednesday, but here is my last official bump picture from almost 39 weeks. I am having a hard time really comprehending the fact that this is the last time my body will look like this. The last time I will grow a baby. The last time I will feel all of those strong kicks and movements from the inside. That's the one part I know I will miss. As uncomfortable as I am right now, I sure do love feeling my little girl move!
It is so weird that tonight we will set our alarms so that we can wake up and HAVE A BABY. We are ready!! 


Carol said...

AAAAAH on that snake! Will be praying everything goes well with the delivery. Can't wait to see pictures of Little Miss Cheney!

melissa said...

She's coming tomorrow - how exciting! Wishing you all the best - can't wait to see her.

Beth Ann said...

My worst nightmare as well... and I will soon be moving to the country where I am afraid this may be a rather common occurrence and I.CANNOT.HANDLE!!!!! Ugh!!! I am pretty sure black snakes are not poisonous and people will tell you that they actually eat the poisonous snakes and other nasty things....BUT I want them all dead, too. Haha.

These stubborn babies! I am convinced nothing anyone does ever makes them come. If it seems like something worked, it was actually mere coincidence. They only come when they're ready. So frustrating! ;) Can't wait to see her... I'm sure she'll be worth the wait!

Beth Ann said...
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Dawn said...

Eeek! So excited for you:)