Looking back at 2013

I spent some time last night looking back through some of my blog posts in 2013. It reminds me why I keep this journal of our lives; I love looking back & seeing things I had forgotten about! It's safe to say that this year was a great one for our family.

I feel like we really came together as a family of four. Griffin was 6 months old at the beginning of the year & was just starting to interact with Grayson more. Watching their relationship develop over this past year has been one of the greatest things I think I will ever experience. They fight like brothers do but they love each other so much. 

We took several long road trips over the past year & they only taught me one thing: babies and  toddlers who don't want to be in the car anymore are actually more distracting than cell phones.

This year has been a busy working year for Ben. I am happy to report that we are closing out this year with him moving to a store just a few miles from our house! We are all so excited that he won't be so far away & the boys are happy that we can drop by and see him at work. This a great change!

Looking back I also remember just how exhausted I was early on in 2013. Boy oh boy, did Griffin teach us a thing or two about how all babies are NOT the same.  I expected this easy, sleep trained baby & I swear he did not sleep through the night until 8 months. I was a zombie mom for part of 2013.

I can't believe how much Grayson has grown up over the past year. I think the 2 biggest changes for him were being potty trained and losing all that cute blonde hair. I mean, he's practically a teenager now! (except for the fact that he still prefers to wake up before the sun)

As great of a year as it was, it was also a year of loss. We lost my Grandmother just days before Grayson's 3rd birthday and one of my best friends, Michelle, passed away earlier this month. Losing people you love is so hard, but I do think it brought my family & my friends closer together.

2013 definitely had some hard times, but it also had some really great times. I won't be making any resolutions this year, because let's face it, I never stick to those. However, I do want to just slow down & enjoy my little family. I want to make more time for my friendships that are far away. I have realized recently just how much I need those girls in my life. 2013, you were pretty good to us. Let's see what 2014 will bring!


Natalie said...

Exciting that Ben's store will be closer :) I loved when my dad was at the Home Depot near my house because I could go surprise him all the time.

Phillip said...

Amen to friendships far away, that will be closer soon!! 5 1/2 months!!