my friend got hitched!

When I moved to Nashville almost 5 years ago I knew nobody except my husband. I got a job teaching first grade and just happened to become best friends with some of the girls I worked with. One of those friends is Mary. I actually wrote about Mary when Kelly's Korner had the single's link up.
She is one of my absolute favorites & can make me laugh harder than just about anyone. Mary met the man of her dreams about a year and a half ago. Right around that same time she had agreed to be a surrogate for the sweetest local family here in Nashville. WELL, Mary fell in love with Kyle AND found out she was pregnant with twin girls. I knew Kyle was a keeper when he stood by her side during that pregnancy! I love their story because it's pretty unique!

This past weekend Mary & Kyle got married! We started off the wedding weekend with a party to celebrate the happy couple. 
 The Killetts!
 The ladies minus our bride!
It was a great night...love these people!

The wedding was on Friday night at the Red House in downtown Franklin. 
It was perfect! It was a beautiful night, the hydrangeas were gorgeous, & the lanterns hanging from trees looked beautiful.
Mary looked stunning. She was seriously the most beautiful bride! I am so happy for these two!
 Me & my date, Caron...our poor husbands had to work!
Kristy, Mary, & yours truly
I am so glad my friend found someone that can make her so happy. It was the perfect wedding day!


Shelli said...

Mary sounds like such an amazing person! Pretty wedding too!

emily said...

What a sweet couple! Glad they found their happily ever after!

Ashleigh said...

I still cannot believe that after the past 3 years of following you on blog I still have yet to meet you & the boys especially since we only live about 2 hours away from one another & I have been in Nashville more times then I could count on both hands!ugh insert sad face here :(..

I am glad that she found her happy ever after & that he was sweet & stuck by her side through the pregnancy & all.. That is so sweet! Glad you all was able to be apart of her special day!