Santa! I know him!

We took the boys to see Santa a couple of weeks ago. You may recall our experience with Santa last year.   It was pretty hilarious. 

This year was less dramatic. G was a little unsure at first but Santa read him a story and had time to talk with him. Grayson made sure that Santa knew that ALL HE WANTS is a firetruck. Of course, Griffin was just his sweet self as always. 

 And there you have it. A successful 2012 Santa picture.


Courtney said...

Cute picture! We saw the same Santa--he was great!

Jess Norden said...

How cute!!!! I love seeing all of these Santa pictures :) I love the sweetness of happy babies and the funniness (Is that a word?) of screaming babies!! Cameron was somewhere in between...he didn't smile, but he didn't cry. Haha!

Lynsey said...

Such a cute picture! Perhaps next year will be the year for a non-crying picture in our family.