all Christmas'd up!

It took me FOREVER to get all the Christmas decorations out this year. Little toddler hands & little babies make everything take a little extra time! But, it's almost Christmas and our halls are decked!

Here is a little tour of our decorated house!
This is the buffet in our dining room. I made the ornament wreath last year.  I actually took it out of the container this year & it was in shambles. Note to self: hot glue & attic temps do not mix. Luckily, I was able to salvage it! You will also notice my happy little wine bottle sweater & RAZ nativity set. That is one of my favorite pieces! I love it!
Our dining room also has a small tree with gold & bronze ornaments.
This is our foyer. I love my red entryway table & I always keep it pretty simply! The dog stockings no longer fit on our mantle so I hung them on our banister. I love their stockings! I ordered them from Ballard after Christmas a few years ago..they are so cute! This was also my first successful-ish attempt at deco mesh. I failed miserably last year. I love how cheery the red & green make our foyer look!
These are some of the details in our family room. I added my old collection of Snowbabies (anyone remember those?!) to our shelf & we now have a box of our 25 Christmas books!
I LOVE my new door hanger! I love it so much I don't want it to get ruined outside. I love having TWO little boy stockings this year! I hate having a gigantic tv over my mantle at Christmas. I want to decorate a mantle!  I wanted to add something to our coffee table this week so I just grabbed some empty wine bottles, soaked them in hot water, peeled off the labels, & added some gold twigs. I love how it looks!

I actually did something this year that I swore I would never do. I traded in our real tree for an artificial. I just couldn't handle one more mess. This tree has all of our special ornaments on it & I love it!
Here are my favorites for this year: Griffin's first Christmas ornaments & 2 ornaments that Grayson has made this year.
Is it awkward to show you the decorations in our downstairs bathroom? No? Great, because I love the fun little arrangement I threw together with leftover ornaments & tree toppers! 
I think one of my favorite things to get out now are the Santa pictures. I can't believe this will be Grayson's third Christmas! It's so fun to see how different he looks each year...and now there are TWO boys in that Santa picture! Want me to show you what real life looks like?
Yep. True story. The toys make it.....festive, no?!
This is our red & silver tree in the front computer-turned-toy room. Don't mind the Hudson photobomb. 
I love, love, love looking at all these Christmas cards everyday in our kitchen! However, I accidentally bought glitter ribbon and that was a huge mistake. I'm still sweeping up red glitter off our our floor and I find it on our dogs constantly. But look at all those pretty cards! 
Last but not least, our house all lit up! 

Now if only I could keep everything up all year!