Griffin is 5 months old!

Griff, you are 5 months old today! 
The Stats:
Weight: 13.4lbs at his sick appointment on Monday
Height: no idea, but he is definitely longer! At least 25 inches.
Clothing: either 3-6 month or 6 month clothes
Diaper: size 2
Eating: We just got you on a 4 hour schedule a couple of weeks ago! Finally! It makes the day so much easier to schedule now. We are still breastfeeding & going strong. I'm pretty proud that we have made it this far! You are nursing 3 times during the day & get a bottle at night before bed. Of course, you've been really sick for the past week and our schedule is completely off. Hopefully we will be back to our normal 4 hour routine again soon! We've introduced you to solids this month. We tried rice cereal & oatmeal right after your 4 month well visit. Last week I started doing purees. You've tried pears, carrots, & apples and have loved them all! 
Sleeping: This is actually kind of a funny topic. Funny if you are sleep deprived, anyway. I got desperate about 2 weeks ago & bought the Moms on Call online seminar.  You were waking up every hour & it was making me a crazy person! After watching that & talking to one of our pediatricians, we decided it was time to let you cry it out at night. The first night was horrible. I cried, too, buddy. But, within 2 days you were a rockstar & were sleeping 10-11 hours all night without nursing. The funny part? Well, after 5 days of that you got your first ear infection & an awful respiratory virus. All that sleep went out the window. BUT, we will get there again. :) When you are healthy, you are taking a 1-2 hour morning nap, a 1-2 hour afternoon nap, & a cat nap in the late afternoon. 
Firsts this month:
  • You sat in your high chair for the first time! Now I don't have to worry about you sitting up in your lamb seat & leaping out! 
  • You started sitting up ALL BY YOURSELF about 10 days ago. I was so surprised! You are so little & it looks ridiculous to see you sitting...you are a strong little peanut! 
  • You ate your first solids this month.
  • Yesterday you sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time! You were not very impressed. 
Right now you are loving:
  • the infamous paci. shocker.
  • eating pears
  • trying to drink water out of my cups. He is actually pretty good at that!
  • grabbing your toys
  • reading books (and trying to chew on them)
  • your big brother. He is your favorite!
  • the dogs. You just started noticing them recently & they make you smile and laugh! 
Right now you are NOT loving:
  • your infant carseat. No worries, Griff. We are moving you to a new big boy seat very soon!
  • being sick. You have been SO pitiful for the last 7 days. It was so sad. I'm glad our happy boy is back & you are on the mend!
  • the nose sucker.
My sweet little Griff, I can't believe how big you are.  I constantly go back and look at pictures of you as a newborn and it blows my mind how much you have changed already. You are such a smiley boy & have the most easy going personality. You make our days a little brighter! I think you have the sweetest eyes & you get compliments on them wherever we go.  I love watching you learn & discover new things everyday. You are such a joy! 

Happy 5 months, Griffin!


Jenna said...

Our sleeping/eating schedule is SO thrown off too :( Lexi is a mess and I'm so bummed that we're gonna have to go through sleep training all over again. Ugh. Anyway, Happy 5 months Griffin!!!

Mallorie said...

SHUT. UP. FIVE MONTHS?! When did THAT happen??? And seriously Laura, he is THE CUTEST baby. I've been a major blog commenter slacker lately. But I'm glad I can stalk um...I mean keep up with y'all on insta ;-) Love the pictures of your big little man!

[dianegatorfan] said...

Hate that sweet little Griffin was so sick over Christmas! He is just so cute, and it does make me smile to see your little man sitting up so well already. What good posture!
Happy New Year!

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