Oxford: post graduation.

This may have been the best weekend ever. It was long overdue. I got a great dose of some of my best friends. I went back to the quaint Mississippi college town where I did much of my growing up. It was wonderful.

Whit, Cathleen, & I in the grove...you must go there before you die. I promise, it is superb SEC tailgating & fantastic people watching!
The newly engaged bestie...soon-to-be Mrs. McGraw!

Yep. I love her.
The best part: the Rebels beat those icky orange Vols! HOTTY TODDY!
Ben & Ryan
The Grove...Eli was actually there! Sad I didn't see him...you know how I love celebrities!

We were driving home yesterday & I glanced down at the calendar on my phone. I realized something. This past Saturday was exactly, to the day, 5 years since we met. AND we were in Oxford. Pretty funny, right? I can't believe I have known this boy for 5 years! :)
Of course we ended our Saturday night at the Library dancing to DJ Mario. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend! I am itching to go back for a girls only weekend!!! Pretty soon, we will back for Whit & Matt's wedding!

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