Happy Howl-O-Ween!

I can't believe it is already November! Happy Fall from the casa de la May:)
Ben & I had a small Halloween party on Saturday & it was so fun! It was our first get together at this house & I loved getting ready for it.
My 7 layer dip...spider style!
Ben was a Mexicano Amigo! Ole!
Jack was a turtle.
Huddy was a chotchy...polo with a popped collar. How you doin?
Look at Bumble Bellie!
Mi perro pequeno (small dog) was VERY excited to meet his REAL mexican padre! Before the party, these two had a siesta.
The first to arrive!
Publisher's Clearing House winner, 80's Madonna, Kat Von D, & Border Patrol!

Tough girl. Showin' off the tats.

Like a virgin...
FRESH INK with my name! LOMA!
Keeping our border clean. One Mexican at a time.
Hey May Queen! Love me some Rebecca!
Justin Bobby had a little too much fun with this lady...
Group pic...thanks self-timer!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


Margie said...

oh my gosh! i wish i was at your party!!!! this is so great!

yorks said...

AWESOME PARTY!!!! what great costumes all around and such a cute 7 dalyer dip-you know how much I also love it!