Making a list & checking it twice!

Am I too old to make a Christmas list? I told Ben I was going to make one. He kinda laughed at me:) You can NEVER be too old for a Christmas list!
Here are a few of my current wants...
new Patagonia Synchilla hoodie (aka: fluffly fleece hoodie) I can feel the warmth just from looking at this!!!
I like martinis. I registered for martini glasses. I did not recieve martini glasses. Therefore, I would still like some martini glasses. I love these from Sur La Table. I think they are so fun!

I need a new weekend bag. Seriously, I actually need this. Mine is too small, it is ripping, and the zipper periodically breaks. This does me no good. I like this one. Really, I like any bag with a cute pattern that I can potentially monogram. (shout out Caron!)
What do you want for Christmas?


Sarah said...

OK, I am adding that hoodie to my Christmas list. It looks so snuggly!!

Unknown said...

That hoodie looks deliciously warm! :-) and I made my Christmas/bday list last week - it took me a whole day of online shopping haha