I am copying my favorite Louisiana friend, Margie, on this post. I love music. I always have my ipod on hand either in my car or in my purse. I have about a gazillion cd's & I love pulling out my really old ones and listening in the car. I always say that certain songs can take you back in time...remind of people, certain events, anything.

*The Greatful Dead. This will always be my dad. I used to hate going on roadtrips and having to listen to the Dead. I came around in high school. I will also never forget his really worn out Dead shirt that he had when I was really little. If I recall correctly, my mom made him get rid of it because it was "scary!" Haha
*The Beatles. They remind me of my mom. She loves them. I remember her telling how upset she was when John Lennon was killed.
*Sister Hazel. They will ALWAYS remind me of Margie! I will never forget our senior trip to Destin. We drove the whole way with the windows down blasting "Champagne High." Anytime she sees them in concert, I get a phone call:)
*Rusted Root. Summer after we graduated from high school. Life was so easy. It consisted of waking up at 11, going to the Windsor Oaks pool for hours, playing volleyball, and then hanging out at someone's house. We used my summer mix frequently at the pool...first song was "Send Me On My Way." So good.
*Hanson. Haha...I'm not embarrassed. I love them. Freshman year of college. Saw them in concert with some of my favorite girls!
*Eric Clapton. Will always remind me of my dad:)
*Rascall Flatts. They belong to Ben. For some reason everytime I drove to Florence to see him, they were what I listened to.
What songs or artists remind you of certain people??

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Margie said...

can i please add sister haze to mine!? tagged with a cigar!