a barnyard bash

The one great thing about having birthdays a week apart is that we can celebrate two kids with one party! Griffin and Cheney LOVE farm animals so we decided to have a Barnyard Bash party for them! The party was this past Saturday at our house. Can I say for the 1000th time how grateful I am for a huge backyard?! It has served us well over the last year & it was perfect for their party!
It took some work because Ben (and probably everyone else) thought I was crazy, but we had a petting zoo come to the party and it was so fun! What is a barnyard bash without animals?! If you are in the middle Tennessee area, I highly recommend Molly's Ark Mobile Petting Zoo. Molly was wonderful!
We had some goats, a sheep named Teddy, a mini donkey named Penelope, two bunnies, two mini chickens, and a huge pot bellied pig named Lulu.
Lulu was the star of show. She does tricks & performed for Griffin and Cheney! She could wave, turn around, AND played a little piano while we sang "happy birthday!"
The kids loved petting and brushing all the different animals! The goats really enjoyed eating bark off our tree and trimming all the grass.
This girl was in heaven!!
Griff & his buddy, Jaylan
our rising kindergarteners, Hutson & G!
a sweet lady from our church made the cake and it turned out so cute!
I've realized that pinterest party foods are way too difficult and time consuming. Hot dogs, watermelon, dip, chips, & rice krispy treats are way easier!
Happy birthday to Cheney & Griffin!
One of my favorite things about our day was giving Griffin his present. The only thing he asked for was a real dinosaur.  I was puzzled for a month about this but happened to find a mom here that was selling this huge triceratops & knew it was perfect! Koda is pretty much our new pet & he moves, makes noise, & eats leaves. The whole family loves him!
with Mimi, Pops, Thomas, & Alex....and Koda!
 our big 4 year old!! still can't believe it!
Nana and Poppy were here too!
It was a GREAT day celebrating our littles!

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