and then Griffin turned FOUR.

Well, it happened. My baby is FOUR today. I know, technically he isn't the baby...but he still kinda is and I love it that way!
Griffin has always been my special middle kid & is a total mama's boy. For whatever reason, his babyhood days are the most vivid in my memory.  I think that is why I always have a hard time believing another year has flown by. I can remember sitting on our old couch, watching Parenthood on Netflix, and propping Griffin up on my legs and just watching him sleep. That was his favorite place to nap. He always wanted to be attached to his mama!
And now here we are...flash forward many years and my big blue-eyed boy is 4 years old. At four years old, Griffin loves all things dinosaur related. He even asked for a real life dinosaur for his birthday. We read dino books and watch Dinotrux on tv. He also LOVES snakes. ick! His dream is to have his very own pet snake. I always have to break his little heart when I tell him that will only happen after he moves out of our house.
This age has been a great combo of having all the confidence in the world but still needing reassurance from mama and daddy. Griffin will leave the house wearing his cape & IronMan mask just like he would any other outfit. I love that about him and hope that confidence stays with him. He is my biggest snuggler and would watch movies on a pallet in the bonus room all day, every day. Griff also loves Peppa Pig and always wants to jump in muddy puddles...even says it in a little British accent! ha!
This next year will be a big year of change for our Griffy. His best bud and constant companion is heading off to kindergarten. I know it will be hard but I am excited to have some more one on one time with him during the day! I am also excited to watch his relationship with Cheney grow. They adore one another (and can fight like no other) and I think they will love being together more. Griffin has already grown up so much this summer. Making his own bed, getting dressed (correctly) all by himself, brushing his own teeth, helping out more around the house....we lost all that was left of his toddler self and gained another big boy!
I love watching this boy grow up. His personality is SO BIG and he makes us laugh all the time. I can't imagine life without our Griffy! His joy is contagious, he has the biggest heart, and quite the imagination. We love you, Griffin! HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!

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