one whole year

Last February we started on a crazy journey of selling the house we built as newlyweds in hopes of finding something with much more outdoor space for our kids.
It was the most chaotic 2 months of my entire life. Keeping our house "show ready" with 3 small kids & 3 shedding dogs was exhausting. Hunting down the perfect house for us was beyond frustrating. BUT? I would do it all again in a heartbeat!
Looking back on everything that happened a year ago, it is so clear that God's hand was all over this entire process.  We found the exact size home we wanted with a beautiful yard & it wasn't snatched up before it hit the market. Our first contract fell through on our old house, but then a sweet family gave us an offer soon after. That family? Well, their son was in Griffin's class & now he is in my class at preschool! I just don't think that is a coincidence. God has connected our families & I think it is just so neat!
This house already holds so many memories & we have loved it so much. It has felt like home since day 1. Our kids will grow up here & that is so special to me. 
I hope this stoop holds lots more sibling pictures!

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