Highlights of 2015

I can remember perfectly our last New Years Eve. Cheney was in a sweet little tutu outfit & the boys thought they were big stuff because I let them drink sparkling grape juice. How has a whole year already gone by?? 2015 sure was good to us. Here are some of the highlights from our year:
Watching this baby grow from a sweet little baby into a spunky toddler has been so fun. Especially since she is our last baby. I definitely savored it a little more this time around. Cheney developed quite a big personality over the last year!
In February we decided to put our first home on the market in hopes that we could move to Brentwood and find a much bigger yard for the kids. It was the longest process & nothing about it was easy, but we found a great house in the neighborhood we love on a little over an acre. It is a work in progress but we LOVE our yard and our neighborhood. We also have friends that live a couple streets over which is fun. This will be the house our kids grow up in & I can't wait to make years & years worth of memories here!
I declared the winter of 2015 as the COLDEST WINTER EVER. We had so much snow and ice. It wasn't always fun being stuck in our house with 3 kids, but the boys thought sledding was so fun.  We are prepared this year & have snowsuits for all the kids and we even bought 2 sleds. It better snow!!
Our family vacation is always a highlight of the year! This year we went to Gulf Shores with my parents and had so much fun. I love escaping for a week. Griffin loved digging in the sand, Grayson became a little fish in the pool, & Cheney was obsessed with the beach!
Grayson played 2 seasons of baseball & just started his first season of basketball a few weeks ago! This boy is so athletic and it is really fun watching him play.  This picture is from him birthday when he got the game ball!
One of the biggest changes of our year was that I went back to work part-time for the first time in 4 years! Teaching the 3 year old preschool class has been such a fun change. I have the best co-teacher who has become a great friend and a precious group of kids! It feels great to contribute a little to our family, use that part of my brain again, and still have a few days at home during the week with my kids.  Honestly, I was feeling pretty burned out from being a full-time stay at home mama. I definitely appreciate my 3 days at home more now!
This year went by SO FAST. We had some hard moments but we had lots of really great moments too. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for us!

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