Halloween (a couple months late...oops)

Pretty much all year long our boys talk about what they are going to be for Halloween. This was our first year to trick or treat in the new neighborhood & we were pretty excited. It's definitely different! Our new neighborhood has really big lots, no sidewalks, & isn't as well lit. BUT, some of our best friends live here and we were excited to have buddies to trick or treat with!
This year our crew was Iron Man, Hulk, & a sweet ladybug.

We now live within walking distance of one of my high school best friends and it is so fun! Our kids get along so well & they were excited to trick or treat together.

We started off at their house and did walked a LOT further than I thought we would. I was impressed by this 5 & under crowd! I guess when candy is involved, they will do just about anything!
I love these girls! So happy they will grow up together!

We ended the night with a few pieces of candy, books, & Halloween jammies. Love these kids so much!